Why a wood fired oven

Nothing could better express in a few words the attractions of cooking over a wood fire : Respect for tradition, quest for authenticity, ancestral know-how, inimitable taste of the bread and pizza as well baked... Wood-fired baking seduces the artisans who are rediscovering this ancient method of production. For their part consumers do not remain insensitive to the values conveyed by designations "bread baked over a wood fire" or "pizza baked over a wood fire" are appreciated by customers looking for healthy and authentic food by people nostalgic of a certain image of traditional craftsmanship.

Wood as an economical and ecological fuel

Although the first uses of the wood-fired oven date back to the Gallo-Roman times, the use of wood as a fuel is experiencing a new lease of life. The rise in the price of traditional energy sources combined with the advent of environmental concerns has raised wood to the status of a very fashionable fuel, that is both economical and ecological.
The cost of installing a wood-burning oven is now amortised fairly quickly , because the price of wood is more advantageous than that of other energy souces. Moreover, wood is clean and renewable energy.