pizza, bread wood fired ovens

Professional and particular use wood fired ovens:

Called pizza oven, bread oven, but also Gallo-Roman oven, communal oven or farm oven, they are also ready to bake all your favorite dishes such as gratins, lasagna, meat, fish ...

It will find a place of choice in your restaurant, pizzeria, bakery, personal kitchen or outdoor garden.

Its use is suitable for both professionals and individuals. Because according to your needs and your budget we will know how to adapt to it. Each of our ovens are unique.

Traditional construction, unlike kit ovens, offers greater design possibilities.

the entrance to the oven can be masonry opening 45 to 72 cm wide.
The baking chamber can take a square, rectangular, round or ovoid shape.
The baking chamber area is adjusted to the cm² from 0.63m² up to 10m².
The height of the vault is calculated and appropriate to the oven dimension and configuration.

Depending on your use, our wood ovens can be equipped with:

  • a slide valve.
  • different types of doors.
  • different steam systems.
  • a pyrometer.
  • an ash compartment.
  • a flue system by ouras.