Gueulard wood fired ovens for bakery

peel & loader ovens

  • four à bois enfournement tapis wood fired bread oven
  • wood fired bread oven
  • four à pain au bois wood fired bread oven
  • four à bois en briques réfractaires wood fired bread oven
  • réfractaire four à bois wood fired bread oven

peel ovens

  • four à bois à gueulard wood fired bread oven
  • four a bois wood fired bread oven
  • four à bois à pain wood fired bread oven
  • wood fired bread oven
  • voûte four à bois wood fired bread oven

Authentic handmade wood ovens from French tradition :

giving to the name "bread baked in a wood fire". 

The gueulard wood-fired oven appeared at the end of the 19th century, and represents a capital evolution of the "Gallo-Roman oven" where, to heat the oven, it is necessary to put the wood directly on the baking floor. 

The "gueulard" system is based on the creation of a lower firebox that communicates through an upper opening in the baking chamber. The flame rises vertically and it is by means to a cast iron piece called "gueulard" that the flame is redirected horizontally. 

At that time and now, the practical advantages of the firebox and the gueulard are considerable. They make it possible to no longer put in direct relation the wood with the baking chamber. to exempt the tedious work of loading wood into the baking chamber, removing ember and cleaning faster the baking chamber. It also allows for increase production and reduced wood consumption.

After 1950 a lot of wood ovens were demolished, due to the invasion of modern ovens and new breadmaking methods, making it easier for the baker. 

Today, the appeal of the wood-fired oven is different. The consumer is looking for healthy food, traditional products and is vigilant to the environmental approach.

In authentic wood oven, the baking quality is impossible to imitate because of the design of the baking chamber. It is entirely composed of terracotta. This terracotta does not release harmful substances and guarantees the food exceptional aromas and a healthy environment even at very high temperatures. Terracotta, for its ability to confiscate and slowly diffuse heat, guarantees bread and all other products a perfect cooking. 

The wood oven with its natural and renewable fuel, its authenticity, and the values such as tradition and friendliness that it shares, will be the culmination of your craftsmanship and will highlight your work with the consumer.