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Exportation commercial wood fired ovens :

Our activity in the construction of gueulard wood ovens is mainly in France. However, we have the ability to move well beyond our borders.

It is with great pleasure that we will study your project. do not hesitate to contact us.

the first gueulard wood-fired oven in Japan

  • ながらの薪の石窯で焼き上げました French wood fired oven in japan
  • construction four à gueulard antisismique
  • french gueulard wood fired oven 传统的法式面包店
  • sushi japon délicieux

the first gueulard wood-fired oven in South Korea

  • 빵 오븐  export wood fired oven
  • 전통 베이커리 오븐  commercial wood fired oven
  • 传统面包店烤箱  authentic wood fired oven gueulard
  • plat local corée du sud
  • reportage corée du sud

the two first gueulard wood-fired ovens in Ukraine

  • хлебобулочные хлебопекарные печи French wood fired oven in ukraine
  • Holzbackofen Bäckerei
  • montage deux fours à bois
  • kiev ukraine place